Dental Bonding / Tooth Bonding

An Affordable, Conservative Cosmetic Dental Procedure

Dental bonding is a conservative, affordable cosmetic dental procedure. In teeth with minor imperfections, such as a small chip, discoloration or a slightly misshapen tooth, bonding many be used to improve appearance.

Dental Bonding
Dental Bonding

Tooth bonding is a simple dental treatment which can often be completed in a single office visit. The procedure involves preparing the tooth for the restoration and placing a tooth-colored filling material in the imperfection. The material used is similar to that used in a tooth-colored filling. Because bonding material comes in many shades, it can be used with confidence on teeth that show when you smile.

Although durable, bonded teeth are still susceptible to damage from decay, stress and trauma. Over time, the bonding may discolor slightly, or chip. If your bonding becomes damaged, contact your dentist right away to have it repaired.

Tooth bonding can enhance your smile and correct slight imperfections in your teeth. Dr. Jerry Dunn can help you decide whether bonding, or another cosmetic dental treatment, such as a crown or veneers, will be best for you.