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Meet the team at Advance Dental Care of Las Colinas

Meet The Front Desk

Front Desk Coordinators

Kelly B. – Practice Administrator

Kelly B

Kelly B is the detail person in our office. Her job title is Practice Administrator, but we all know she is here to keep us organized! Kelly attends to the behind-the-scenes aspects of our practice to allow our office to run smoothly, as well as helping patients and even occasionally assisting Dr. Dunn. She laughs that this is a far cry from her first job many years ago as an usherette at Texas Stadium, in a mini skirt and white Cowboy Cheerleader go-go boots!Kelly’s favorite part of her job is meeting our wonderful patients and hearing their stories. Kelly has fifteen years of treasured memories here, but one of her favorites is Dr. Dunn dressed up as Zorro for Halloween, complete with a mask, cape and hat. She will never forget him jumping off a chair, cape flowing, right here in the office! She also recollects a certain staff member that shares her first name doing a really great impression of Tina Turner! Kelly loves that we laugh together so much.

Kelly has been blessed to be married to the kindest man she knows for twenty-two years. They have one beautiful, sweet and godly daughter. Kelly enjoys scrapbooking, decorating, antique shopping and playing games and dolls with her daughter, and of course, loving on their golden retriever, Nicholas. Kelly’s hero is her mom, a breast cancer survivor. She had a rough fight, but never gave up and always looked to God. Kelly enjoys spending time with both of her wonderful parents and her four siblings.

Kelly feels grateful to be here at ADCLC. She loves our dental family and all the fun we’ve shared with patients throughout the years.

Mattie – Appointment Coordinator


Mattie is the welcoming smile our patients first see when they walk in the door. Mattie joined the team in February of 2014 as a temporary employee, filling in for a staff member who had taken maternity leave. She quickly won our hearts, and we just couldn’t bear to let her go. Her favorite part of her job is getting to take care of all the patients as they come in for their appointments. Mattie enjoys hearing Dr. Dunn tell stories about his kids and tear up because he is so proud of them. She loves our office because we are like a family and believes that we always have fun together because we all love each other.Mattie’s mother and father live close and are a great support for her. Her dad is her hero and taught her to always put others first. Her older brother, a Marine veteran, is in college at Western State College University, but she sees him often. Her proudest accomplishment is her two year old daughter, who amazes her every day with her precious personality. They really enjoy going for walks around the lake in their neighborhood and feeding the ducks. Mattie also enjoys dancing, movies and decorating.

Mattie stands by the belief that although she can never control what others do, she can always respond with kindness, goodness, happiness and by giving her best. We love that about her and know our patients do too.

Our patients might be surprised to know that Mattie and her sweet little girl sing and dance in the car on their way to work and school every morning. But with Mattie’s fun personality, that might not surprise anyone at all.

Brandy – Treatment Coordinator


Brandy has been helping patients understand their insurance benefits and fit treatment into their budgets in our office since 2013. She loves helping patients with their dental needs, and she also enjoys being able to work with such an amazing and fun team. She says that ADCLC is her second family! She especially loves Administrative Professional’s Day when Dr. Dunn and Connie buy each staff member a pair of shoes!Brandy has a wonderful husband and is blessed to have two wonderful, smart, and handsome boys who she says are her proudest accomplishment. She loves spending time with her family, going to the movies, riding bikes and playing games at the house.

Brandy’s life motto is “Let your smile change the world,” and all our patients know it because Brandy shares her warm smiles and infectious laughter with everyone. Brandy’s biggest influence is her mother, who, despite raising Brandy and her sister alone, worked incredibly hard to give them an amazing life. Even though she passed away in 2004, Brandy will forever be blessed to be the daughter of such a loving, caring, strong woman.

If you hear laughter coming from the back of our office, you can bet Brandy is involved! Brandy is gifted at making work fun, and her enthusiastic personality and delightful sense of humor are now legendary at our office.

Jennifer – Hygiene Coordinator


Many of our patients recognize Jennifer as the voice on the other end of the phone prompting them to make an appointment and stay on track with their dental hygiene. She has been giving friendly reminders here since 2014. Jenn loves that her job allows her to talk to so many of our patients. It gives her joy to keep up with new babies and marriages in our ADCLC family and to offer cards and encouragement during the tougher times. Her favorite thing to hear in the office, though, is when Dr. Dunn says, “Wait. This will make you laugh…”Jennifer and her husband enjoy the fun and noise their twenty-two and sixteen year old sons bring to their lives and try to take time regularly to watch basketball or go off-road Jeeping as a family. Jenn stays busy volunteering at church and loves scrapbooking, creating beautiful things, practicing yoga and cuddling with Rondo and Carmela, her four and six pound puppy dogs. Although she once won a rock-paper-scissors championship title, she must say her proudest accomplishment is being the mom of the two greatest young men on earth.

As a long-time patient herself, Jennifer’s favorite memory of Dr. Dunn is being in his chair on her wedding day with rollers in her hair crying because she broke her front tooth. Dr. Dunn was so composed and sweet that he calmed her down and made her wedding dress worthy again. Jenn loves working with the fabulous team at ADCLC and having the privilege of being part of this special

Meet The Dental Assistants

Meet The Dental Assistants

Adela – Dental Assistant


Adela has been Dr. Dunn’s assistant and right hand for over thirty years. She has so many talents that we all think she can do anything. Her many office responsibilities include assisting, temporary and lab creation and cosmetic mockups. Her favorite part of her job is assisting with cosmetic cases. She loves the anticipation and then seeing patients so happy when they see the final results.

Adela first learned dental assisting while stationed in Frankfurt, Germany, and has lived all over the world. She is famous for her amazing Mexican food, and her authentic pozole soup is a much-requested menu item in the office! Her hobbies include planting flowers, fabulous cooking and modern sports fencing.

Adela has three children and six grandchildren. It fills her heart with joy when her whole family is together in her home, talking and being silly. She absolutely adores her grandchildren and, of course, loves being “Nana” to them.

Adela says Dr. Dunn makes her laugh almost every day with his funny voices, impressions and many jokes. She laughingly recalls many years spent watching soaps during their lunch hour and shushing anyone who dared to talk during “The Bold and the Beautiful.” She especially enjoys hearing the laughter in the office as we tend to get silly near the end of the day. Adela loves being a part of the ADCLC family, and we know our patients are thankful that she is!

Kelly M. – Dental Assistant

Kelly M

Kelly M. is known around here for her huge heart. She is proud to assist Dr. Dunn as she helps patients with their smiles. She loves taking care of our ADCLC family and getting to know them as they come in for appointments. She claims she has no secrets because everyone here knows everything about her. After all, she has been here for eighteen years!Kelly is a Native Texan, and loves movies, the outdoors, water sports and anything that involves being outside in the fresh air. She is crazy about boating, fishing, camping, and basically living the “Lake Life.” She has a daughter and two sons who all enjoy sports. They love getting together, especially at their lake house.

Because Kelly and Dr. Dunn’s daughters grew up together, she is especially close to Dr. Dunn and Connie. She says the two are like her daughter’s godparents. Kelly has so many great memories with them, but one that really stands out is when Dr. Dunn gave a heartfelt speech at her daughter’s wedding in Cabo San Lucas. Her favorite office memories include daytrips to Lake Texoma, striper fishing, and sailboat cruises on Lake Grapevine with the whole crew.

Kelly’s father always told her that it isn’t what you acquire or have in this life- It’s what you give. Kelly has always tried to apply that in her life. We are thankful for how much she gives to our office. Kelly says we are like family to her, and we all feel the same.

Meet The Hygienist

Meet The Hygienists

Kim – Hygienist


Kim has been a hygienist in our office since 2010. She loves caring for her patients and learning about each of their lives. Kim and her husband have been married for two years and are now thrilled to be expecting their first baby.Kim is a true caregiver and loves to cook and host parties for her friends and family. She also enjoys scrapbooking, being outdoors and “Lake Time.” Kim says Proverbs 3:5-6 has been her life verse: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths”. Kim has followed that path on several mercy mission trips in college and even had the honor of later leading several overseas mission trips for college students.

Kim loves getting to be around so many different types of people every day here at ADCLC. Her favorite times are office dance parties and our famous annual Shoe Day when Dr. Dunn lets us all pick out a pair of shoes. Kim always laughs whenever she remembers the time Dr. Dunn took us out on his sailboat for a staff-outing. He handled the boat so well on that super windy day, but when the boat turned on its side because of a strong gust, all the girls were screaming!

While Kim is known for her soft voice, gentle and faithful character, and kind heart, our patients might be surprised to learn that she competed in beauty pageants for about six years and even had the talent of ventriloquism with her puppet, Dina-Sue!

Melody – Hygienist

Melody joined our office as a hygienist in 2012. She appreciates the level of patient interaction she has here at ADCLC and loves seeing the positive results of great dental care. Her favorite part of the job, however, is learning who her patients are and what they are all about!

Melody lives by the belief that life’s lessons should make you better, not bitter. She always makes an effort to show her appreciation to those around her with thoughtful deeds like bringing in a bag of Life-Savers when she claimed we saved her life on a busy day! She believes our practice is a great place because we truly care about our patients and one another. She loves Dr. Dunn’s soft, caring, Christian heart and especially how he tears up when he sees how his staff cares about each other.

Melody has been married for twenty years. She and her husband stay busy as Booster parents with the high school dance team and enjoy watching their beautiful seventeen year old daughter perform at football games and competitions. That talent came straight from Melody, who once competed on a country and western dance team! Mel spends her free time crafting, exploring on and volunteering for pediatric Hospice.

Having been a dental assistant and front office manager before becoming a hygienist, Melody knows every side of our practice. She is especially dedicated to developing lasting relationships. Melody’s knowledge, warmth and compassion make her a blessing to our office and our patients.

Leigh Ann – Hygienist

Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann joined the team in 2011 as a hygienist. Leigh Ann is famous for the welcoming smile she always wears and credits Buddy the Elf for her life motto, “Smiling’s my favorite!” She loves all her patients and really finds joy when a formerly anxious or fearful patient becomes comfortable and actually begins to look forward to visits because of the positive experiences they have in her room.Leigh Ann loves being with people so much, you might be surprised to know she once considered becoming a mortician. Her reason, though, explains it all. She feels that peace is the sweetest gift one can give a grieving family. We are so thankful Leigh Ann chose dental field instead!

Leigh Ann considers herself blessed to be married to her wonderful husband. Together, they are privileged to have three daughters and two sons ranging from nine to twenty-two years old. Leigh Ann’s family schedule stays full with church activities, volleyball and basketball. They also enjoy vacationing at the beach and are notorious for their amazing themed Halloween costumes. That same creativity has won office decorating competitions and kept our team laughing at her zany inventiveness. Leigh Ann has a lifelong love of learning and enjoys reading both for education and to just relax and be entertained.

Leigh Ann has many great memories here, but her favorite is watching Dr. Dunn in a 1970’s leisure suit dancing the YMCA and Saturday Night Fever at the office! Leigh Ann’s sweet charm, bubbly personality and sense of humor make her a favorite with her patients.